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Stephanie Zolna

Stephanie, a long-time competitive athlete, began practicing yoga as a way to increase flexibility and prevent injury. This occasional activity became a life-passion when she discovered the substantial impact yoga had on all aspect of her life, well beyond flexibility. Yoga has since become an indelible addition to her every day, and she hopes to share her passion for yoga and the positive effects it can bring to life and the community.

Stephanie's goal as a teacher is to hold a space for students to find liberation; providing guidance in asana (physical poses), mediation and pranayama (breath work) to invigorate the body and quiet the mind. Her teaching incorporates intuitive hands-on assistance, driven by her passion for helping student’s deepen their practice and find space in poses not otherwise attainable. Stephanie is an Alameda resident and registered Yoga Alliance Teacher certified by Yoga Tree, 200hr.

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