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Tatiana Stollman

Tatiana was certified as an Ashtanga yoga instructor 17 years ago in San Francisco under the instruction of the late Larry Schultz from It’s Yoga. She has always been committed to her personal practice, loves to teach and is dedicated to spread the teachings of yoga and the multiple benefits it brings to people's lives. She has taught well over 2500 hours of yoga.
Tatiana makes her students feel right at home by providing a safe and fun environment while meeting them where they are in their practice. Her passion and commitment for what she does sparks curiosity and deepens her students’ practice. Her sessions focus on alignment, connecting to the breath and exploring the subtle sensations of the present moment to achieve a high level of awareness and wellbeing. Tatiana leads a moon practice on dates around the full moon and sprinkles her classes with arm balances and inversions. Tatiana’s expert adjustments and healing touch in savasana (final relaxation) will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
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Website: www.tatstollman.wixsite.com/wellness
Facebook: facebook.com/TatianaStollman
Instagram: @tatianastollman
Skype: tbogant07
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