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Frequently Asked Questions


Is yoga for everyone?

Yes, absolutely, yoga is for everyone. Anyone can practice yoga. Even if you just practice the breathing exercise, you are practicing yoga. Yoga is basically a breathing exercise. The poses are secondary. There are modifications of poses to accommodate everyone’s limitations.


I am not flexible. Will I be safe doing yoga?

Yoga isn’t about being flexible but becoming flexible. Most people start yoga because they are not flexible. With consistent practice, you will develop more flexibility and strength. Be patient with your body. Practice, practice, practice.


How many times a week should I practice yoga?

Pattabhi Jois (a yoga master) said that yoga is 95% practice and 5% theory. Practice as much as you can, but a minimum 3 times a week is recommended. Practicing 3-6 times a week, you see the life changing benefits of yoga. 


Do I have to have a yoga mat? 

Having your own mat supports your commitment and ensures cleanliness. If you don’t have one Yoga Alameda has mats to borrow. We just ask you clean them upon return.  

Should I register online for classes?  

We appreciate when you can register for class online but you are more than welcome to drop in. 

What if I am late? 

There is a 10 minute grace period for all classes. Please enter  quietly. If you running later than that please check with the instructor on her or his policy. 

Tips for beginners

-Practice on an empty stomach.

-Do not eat 2-3 hours prior to yoga practice. Juice or fruit are OK if you need quick energy before class. Drink plenty of water prior to class, but avoid drinking during class.  With the exception to Prenatal and postnatal participants. In these classes snacks and water are welcome. 

-Please bring water and a towel to the heated classes. If you are pregnant please refrain from practicing Hot Yoga. 

-Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable, form-fitting workout clothing. Layers help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class.

-Remove your shoes before entering the studio. Leave your shoes in a cubby before entering the studio. This preserves the sacred nature of the studio space. We recommend taking your valuables inside the studio. 

-Turn off your cell phone. This enhances your experience and is a polite gesture to your fellow students.

-Notify the teacher of injuries or medical conditions including pregnancy. This helps the teacher know how to assist you and give you modifications.

-Take a 101 class. 

To support new students, we offer Yoga 101 workshops. These workshops provide an excellent way to deepen and understand your practice. Each workshop includes three classes for free. This workshop is perfect for people new to the practice of yoga as well as for more seasoned students who want to review the basics. Topics include basic asana and alignment, breathing and meditation techniques, history, and anatomy. Handouts are included. 

-Yoga Flow 101:

Same as Yoga 101 but with a stronger emphasis on movement and breath connection.

How much are classes? Is there a membership?

Community classes are $10 dollars or you can buy a 10 class pass for $95 (only good for the community classes)

Yoga Classes:  Drop in $15   5 classes $65    10 classes $115

Yes, there is a membership option.   

Monthly unlimited yoga per 6 month agreement   $69.99

One month unlimited   $120