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Journey to Headstand

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SunDate: 6/25/2017From: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Journey to Headstand with Anne Gregory and Stephanie Zolna

Sirsasana, or Headstand, is the King of all Poses and offers a wide range of emotional and physical benefits including stress relief, improved circulation and digestion, and strengthening of the shoulders, arms and core.

Join us in this safe and supportive environment where we will strengthen body and mind to prepare you to turn your world upside down. We will explore different techniques for prepping, entering and holding different variations of headstand. This workshop is perfect for students at all stages in their journey, whether you’re ready to push past your fear and give it a shot for the first time or take this old, familiar friend to the next level.

Please note that it is not required for you to go upside down if you don’t (yet!) feel comfortable doing so - this workshop will give you the tools you need to build strength and stability within your body to help you access the pose when you feel ready.

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