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Tummy Time

Tummy Time Classes are a fun way to help your baby find comfort and support being on his or her tummy, and also a great opportunity to allow babies to interact with other babies their age, and from parents and caregivers to find community.

Allowing time for babies to be on their tummies for play throughout the day is very important for their development during this crucial time of discovery. This class offers a chance to practice ways to be engaged with your baby in a meaningful and playful way, while they are awake and on their tummy.

Tummy time skills are the foundation of all sensory and motor skills throughout life. Baby is learning how to move his or her body outside of the womb and is learning to negotiate the force of gravity. Tummy time is not only physical, but also engages the autonomic nervous system, as well as, social / emotional skills.

Classes will be on the floor, please bring a receiving blanket for your baby to lay on. We will learn simple poses to help introduce tummy time to babies who have not enjoyed it or have not tried being on their tummy’s yet, while offering other positions for babies that are already comfortable on their tummies. We will also learn some baby yoga moves and some baby massage techniques.  Classes are held in a four week series. Please check online under the workshops tab for current dates.